Alison Hughes Translations

Thursday, 8 May 2014

My new office

Time to extend, house is too small
There’s just no room for eating at all
The bathroom’s tight, I’m sure of that
Definitely no room to swing a cat
And maybe, maybe there might be
A place to build an office for me.
There is, the builder has said ‘yes’
I just can’t wait to move my desk
Into a room that has a door
Something I didn’t have before
A space I can call my very own
Where I can work and be alone
In a busy house it’ll be a plus
Though the boys don’t understand all the fuss
Wallpaper, chandelier and paint
It’s all been bought but built it ain’t
There’s work to be done and walls to come down
In a sea of dust we begin to drown
Simple dinners are perfected
While sink and dishwasher are disconnected
Translations continue but the noise is bad
I’m very close to going mad
And then the bathroom wall’s erected
Making the office smaller than expected
So I wait with bated breath
To see how much space I’ve been left
My plans were grand so it’s quite a blow
I can’t help feeling rather low
But work goes on and I understand
A bigger bathroom will be just grand
The kitchen’s fab with a place to eat
To sit round the table will be quite a treat
And the office, between me and you
It’s actually fine and quite bijou

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