Alison Hughes Translations

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The new client…

I click on ‘send’ the job is done
Delighted with the new client I’ve won

A bite to eat, then time for class
A yoga session, last on my pass

Paying for five is quite a saving
And I need a stretch, my limbs are aching

Changed, mat in hand, I head to the car
But alas I don’t get far

The ringing phone not yet on silent
Displays the number of my new client

Extra files, what did he mean?
Were there files I hadn’t seen?

How on earth did this occur?
The week’s been long, the start a blur.

No no, these files I wrote this morning,
I do apologise for the lack of warning

I’m afraid they’re urgent, is that OK?
I hoped to have them by end of day

Of course I’ll do them right away,

Well, what else was there to say?

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