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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pandas and Penguins

This poem is dedicated to Anne Diamantidis who taught me not to fear pandas and penguins

Pandas and penguins, just cute animals you thought,
Well according to Google, apparently not.
You’d be right in thinking they’re found in a zoo,
But good old Google looks out for them too,

Keywords, keywords, once all the rage,
You’d better not stuff them on your page,
That’s a Panda in case you didn’t know
A website full of them is a big no-no.

So what’s a penguin you may ask yourself?
OK it’s an animal on the arctic shelf.
That’s a fact but did you know
There’s a Google one that can cause you woe?

This time it’s links, with them be frugal,
If you want to appease dear Mr Google.
Too many on the site, it’ll disappear,
Gone, finito, into the stratosphere.

And beware if you’re expanding overseas,
With Googletranslate you’ll get translatorese,
For a penguin penalty your site is wide open,
So please make sure it just doesn’t happen.

Get a Panda penalty and your page is gone.
A Penguin penalty and the site’s withdrawn.
But what’s the solution you need to find,
For SEO and peace of mind?

Meaningful content is your next move,
Because a well-written blog post to Google will prove,
Your site is legitimate and merits a share,
By colleagues and contacts everywhere.

Metatitles are where the keywords go,
And where your website is put on show.
Use them wisely and you could be banking,
On a site that’s near the top of the ranking.

A final word for those who wonder,
If using keywords is a major blunder.
If you use them with care for content that’s clear,
You’ve got absolutely nothing to fear.

Google knows, it’s pretty clever,
And will reward you for your endeavour,
The more you write and the more it’s shared,
From pandas and penguins your site will be spared.

Reap the rewards and watch your site,
Soar up the rankings to an all-time new height,
And pandas and penguins will remain for you,
Those cute little animals you find in a zoo.

 ©Alison Hughes May 2014

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  1. Really impressive Alison - you should really consider posting some of your slams on you tube.